Bmi License Agreement

The BMI License Agreement: What You Need to Know

BMI, or Broadcast Music Inc., is a performing rights organization that represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers in collecting royalties for the public performance of their music. If you own a business that plays music, such as a restaurant, bar, or retail store, you may need to obtain a BMI license to ensure you are legally allowed to use their music in your establishment.

The BMI License Agreement is a legal contract between BMI and the licensee, or the business owner who is obtaining the license. The license allows the business to perform any of the millions of songs in BMI`s repertoire without having to negotiate individual licenses with each songwriter or publisher. This helps to simplify the process for businesses and ensures that the songwriters and publishers are properly compensated for the use of their music.

The license fees for a BMI license vary depending on the type and size of the business. For example, a small coffee shop playing background music may pay less than a large concert venue hosting live performances. The fees are based on factors such as the type of music used, the frequency of performances, and the size of the audience.

It`s important to note that a BMI license does not cover all types of music. For example, if a business wants to play music that is not represented by BMI, such as music from independent artists or foreign composers, they would need to obtain a license from the appropriate organization.

If a business is found to be playing music without a proper license, they may be subject to legal action and hefty fines. Obtaining a BMI license helps to ensure that businesses are legally protected and that songwriters and publishers are fairly compensated for their work.

In conclusion, if you own a business that uses music in any way, you should consider obtaining a BMI license. By doing so, you can ensure that you are legally allowed to use their music and you can avoid legal issues and fines. The license fees are based on the type and size of the business, so it`s important to determine what type of license you need and how much it will cost. Contact BMI directly for more information on how to obtain a license for your business.